The official video for "Comment tu danses" is now online!
12 tracks, one split-song and a hidden poem, five languages, one music-loving songwriter. My name is Ronja Maltzahn. Ever since I could walk, music has been a defining part of my life. Now, with 24 years old I have combined that love into my first solo album "Beautiful Mess" released on late September, 2018. Music means everything to me, whatever I feel and whatever moves me, I want to transform it into sounds. When I was young I started composing my own songs as a replacement for diary writing. It is a language beyond rational borders for me, where words fail music speaks. That is true for "Beautiful Mess", which features my mother tongue german as well as english, french, italian and spanish. The album transcends genres, from my roots as a singer-songwriter playing acoustic, folk and indie, through to my more recent work bordering on jazz and pop-punk and it's supported by 16 musicians performing on the record. I was born near Hannover (Germany) and grew up surrounded by music. After travelling New Zealand, Australia, USA and India I started my solo project in Münster, alongside studying music and chemistry. Last year I finished my Bachelor of Arts and went travelling through Europe, especially Italy, then South America and Southeast Asia, playing concerts and writing songs. Nowadays, I've just started my Master in Popmusic at the ArtEZ conservatorium in Enschede. Recorded at Fox Music studios in Germany, the record has been mixed by Grammy Award-winner Sebastian Perkal in Argentina and mastered by Justin Weis in San Fransisco, U.S.A., giving it a true international feel. " Inspired by her travels to four continents, the storytelling musician paints a colourful picture of emotion and intimacy, transforming her visions into songs." David Burroughs (IR Journal, UK). " IDas Debütalbum der münsterischen Sängerin Ronja Maltzahn ist geprägt vom Fernweh und könnte internationaler kaum sein." Pjer Biederstädt (WN, Germanz).